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Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain Biking is a great sport but can feel overwhelming. We hope this helps. If you still have questions, please reach out!


What kind of bike do I need?

We recommend a bike with 27.5" or 29" wheels, disc brakes, knobby tires, front suspension, and at least 10 gears. It does not have to be full suspension.

Do I need a full suspension bike?

No. While full suspension is nice, most kids (and coaches!) will be on hard tails. All the courses are designed for cross-country racing not downhilling.

What should I bring to practice?

Showing up prepared (and on time!) for practice is one of the keys to success. Start with making sure your bike is in working order.

Other items to bring are:

  • a helmet (not full face)

  • a hydration pack or TWO full size water bottles

  • a flat repair kit (tire levers, tube and inflation device), even if you have tubeless tires, carry a spare tube

  • a snack

  • a jacket when weather starts to get cooler

Do I need a team shirt or jersey?

Yes, a team shirt or jersey is required for all riders. Other team kit items, such as shorts, are also available but not required.


How much does it cost to join the team?

These are the fees as of 2023

If you have a financial hardship, please reach out.

Why are there multiple fees?

  • Colorado High School Cycling League fee covers rider insurance and league operational costs. 

  • Team Fee helps to cover team registration, coach training, race day food and team activities.

  • Race Fees cover venue, supply, employee and many other costs associated with putting on a race.


Is racing required?

No, but we recommend you give it a shot! Our team is not focused on results and racing is a great way to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Plus, hanging out at the races with teammates is a highlight of the season.

How do the categories work?

Race categories are divided up by girls and boys and your class.

  • Freshmen

  • Sophomore

  • JV (is a combination of Juniors and Seniors and occasionally some Sophomores)

  • Varsity (some Juniors, mostly Seniors)


How do I register?

Instructions can be found here on the Colorado High School Cycling League website.

I attend a different school. Can I still ride with the Centaurus team?

Unfortunately we cannot accept students from other schools.


I'm a parent of a rider, can I help out?

Yes! We love our parent volunteers! We need help with coaching, event organizing and more. Contact us for more information.

How do I become a coach?

Thank you for your interest! Without coaches we can't make the team happen. A new parent may become a Level 1 ride along coach. You'll have to complete a background check (refunded by the team) and do a small amount of training. You can start the process here.

Can I help on race day?

Yes! We need parents to help organize the team tent PLUS the Colorado League is always in need of volunteers to make race day run smoothly. Look for emails from the team and the league for these opportunites.

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